From the Law Offices of...

When a return address begins that way, you know the contents of the envelope contain codified dung. As the passage of time petrifies, ossifies and fossilizes once-living beings, the Law forces all facts and figures and human experiences into its great granite mold and traps it until it becomes a concrete accounting of the past that reflects experience about as well as our fuel gauges, after a petroleum fill-up, reflect the experiences of life in the Jurassic Era.

My youngest son received his 41 cents-worth of dung in the mail, yesterday, from an attorney making inquiries into his grandmother's estate.  Though he and his brother and sister were left $5000 each in the will, the attorney reported that there were no earthly assets left except for a 1990 Mercury Sable (which was valued at $2000)

The will's Executor, Dianne Nungesser, my children's Aunt by accident of birth, claims that all the assets were spent on Final Expenses, and I imagine, from her perspective, they were.

After the questionable sale and/or transfer of everything that Jaye Lesley Kellers owned, Dianne and her conspiratorial family (her son Steven Nungesser, and her pathetic husband Thomas Nungesser), were certain no physical assets remained. But Lesley left some spiritual assets that couldn't be co-opted by that greedy, low-class bunch.

My children all loved their grandmother and, despite the 10 years of silence that existed between her and me, she seemed to love them all right back. That love connected them in a way that is unknown to their mean-spirited aunt. They want to share in the connection to their grandmother; and that is no connection supported by money or goods or any of the material swill on which Dianne and her group choke themselves. It is a connection born from a simple need not to forget or be forgotten by loved ones.

And in a horrible sense it demands that my children fling more 41 cents-worth of dung filled envelopes back at the awful perpetrators.


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