My uncle sent me a text message today and asked if he had missed my daughter's birthday. My daughter turned 20 on February 24th and my youngest son turned 17 just a few days ago. My uncle was the only relative of my children outside of my house that mentioned those events. Even their surviving grandparents, excused for their oversight by their age and infirmity, had not remembered the dates.

On February 18th, Dianne Nungesser and Thomas Nungesser, by some sarcastic accident of history, passed the milestone of their 35th wedding anniversary. I remember that month and day because it is also the date, nine years earlier in 1964, that my childhood dog was hit by a car on Green Grove Road.

Dianne Nungesser's children --Diana and Steven-- turn 40 and 34 respectively this year. Diana turns 40 in August, Steven turns 34 later this month. Both have children I have never met and have names I'll never know.

My uncle has a son and a daughter. John will turn 22 on May 10th; Anna turned 25 last November 15th. The anniversary of my uncle's first marriage is May 22nd, 37 years ago, and that is the same day, this year, that my sister will turn 60.

Hurry sundown.


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