Never Enough

Mistakes I've made:

    1. Going off to college when I was young and unready
    2. Planning a wedding before I knew what marriage meant
    3. Rescheduling a canceled wedding because I had no other plan
    4. Getting married in a re-run performance
    5. Losing the woman I loved and the woman who loved me
    6. Returning to a twice separated marriage 
    7. Staying where I didn't belong
    8. Becoming numb to acts I knew I could never stand
    9. Being reckless and not caring if I lived or died 
    10. Watching like some posed mannequin as the years slid by.
    11. Using others to lessen my own selfish pain
    12. Living a problem I cannot solve 
    13. Finding the woman who loved me too late
    14. Expecting so much and yielding so little
    15. Failing myself and the one I hold dearest
    16. Giving conditional love

 Successes I hope for:

    1. Getting past my mistakes

I am an unreasonable man. 


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